The Basketball Connection

When I was in school, I loved basketball. My grandmother bought me a brand new ball to practice with at home. That’s the one I took to school and two older boys took from me and wouldn’t give it back. … Continue reading

Modern Manna: God’s Word

In 1 Kings chapter 11, we learn that King Solomon had a servant named Jeroboam, who was a mighty man of valor. The king saw that this young man was industrious, so he made him ruler over all the affairs … Continue reading

Stuck – Part 1

When I was really young I remember an incident where I was playing with several of my cousins. The adults were all gathered on the porch of my grandparent’s house. While the other kids were running back and forth jumping … Continue reading

The Most Popular Sin

What is the most popular sin? Well, I’m sure if you asked several different people you would get several different answers. The most popular sin among the people I have known over the years is lying. It seems so easy … Continue reading

If You Don’t Want To Obey God’s Rules, Just Change Them

I was raised in church and I grew up reading the Bible. I’ve attended several different churches and I often wondered why there were so many different denominations. We have the same Bible but there are so many different interpretations … Continue reading

That Prophet

For hundreds of years, people had been waiting for the promised Messiah to come. Daniel chapter 9 was a time prophecy about the Messiah, and everyone who was familiar with the prophecy knew it was about time for him to … Continue reading

Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit Explained

Matthew 12:1-37 What is blaspheming the Holy Spirit? I’ve heard several explanations and theories on this subject. Some say the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is rejecting him over and over, or grieving the Spirit, or rejecting Jesus as Lord. … Continue reading

One God

You’ve probably heard about many different gods from many different cultures around the world, but the bible says there is only ONE God (Mark 12:32, 1 Cor. 8:6, 1 Tim. 2:5, James 2:19). That simply means there’s only ONE TRUE … Continue reading

6 Days Of Creation, Or 6000 Years?

“In the beginning, GOD created the heaven and the earth.” That’s the introduction line to the creation story from Genesis, the first book of the holy Bible. In the article titled *IN THE BEGINNING, we saw what the Bible means by “In … Continue reading

Is The Bible Really God’s Word?

Can we trust the Bible? Is the Bible really God’s word? Those are just a couple of questions that more and more people are asking in today’s ever-changing world. There are numerous denominations out there teaching many different doctrines based … Continue reading