I Miss My Sister And My Friend

I was three years old, and my younger sister, Loretta and I lived with our grandmother in a little house in Theo, Mississippi. Our mother came to visit one day and introduced us to our new baby sister. Her name … Continue reading

Three Girls, Three Guys, And A Gremlin

I’ll never forget the year I turned nineteen. My cousin invited me to go to church with him, so I did. I loved that church and I loved the people. I still do. They were so kind and loving and … Continue reading

If I Could Go Back In Time

I love science fiction. It offers endless possibilities for the mind to imagine. I love space travel, and I especially love the concept of time travel. Space travel is a little more within our grasp than time travel but it … Continue reading

Death Is Easier To Accept When …..

It’s hard to say goodbye to anyone we care about, but it’s even more difficult when it’s a family member; especially when death is the one at the door, ready to remove them from your life. You wish you had … Continue reading

Two Snakes And A Fishing Pole

There I was, minding my own business. Fishing in the creek, anticipating that unmistakable jerk on my line that would send my heart racing as I would frantically try to grab hold of the fish before it could get off … Continue reading

First and Second Death, First and Second Resurrection

“If you’ve been born twice you’ll only die once, but if you’ve been born only once, you will die twice.” Have you ever heard that expression? The Bible mentions two deaths and two resurrections. Everyone is born once, to a … Continue reading

Eternal Life or Eternal Death?

Have you heard about Eternal Life? The bible tells us we can have it. What is it exactly? Are we born with it? If not, how do we receive it? Have you ever heard that we all have an immortal soul? … Continue reading