Tadpoles, Moles, And Easter Eggs

Wow! I can’t believe all the memories I have stored in my brain from just five years at Gift school. I could probably write a book, but for now I just want to share these memories, and maybe encourage someone else, or make someone smile.

I remember my first grade teacher’s name was Miss Gay. Her mother, Mrs. Minnie V. was my second, and third grade teacher. Both second and third grade classes were in the same room together. I never thought that was weird back then, because we saw schools on TV where kids from every grade were all in one room.

I had a lot of fun at Gift, and I enjoy remembering those times once in a while. There was lots of water around the school, and there were lots of frogs, and tadpoles. I told my grandmother about them, and how they turned into frogs, but she didn’t believe it. I guess that seemed like evolution, and she didn’t believe in that, and rightly so. That’s not proof for evolution, by the way. It’s nothing more than a frog egg developing into a frog without the confines of a shell, as many other egg-laying creatures have.

Any way, I found a big can from the lunchroom, and collected some tadpoles in some water, and took them home. I wanted my grandmother to witness them growing into frogs. Well, low and behold, my little sister happened upon my makeshift aquarium. She didn’t know my plan. I don’t even know if she knew what was in the can, but she poured the water out, and the baby frogs along with it. Ugggh! All that trouble to get a can, and getting the tadpoles in it, and all the trouble getting it home on the bus, without spilling it. All that effort down the drain. But, I loved my sister, so I forgave her.

Another time there was a mole in the schoolyard, and we could see it moving beneath the ground. We wanted to see what a mole looked like, so we chased him down, and cut him off at both ends of his trail. One kid dug from one side, and I dug from the other until we had it cornered. Then we removed the last bit of dirt, and there it was. We didn’t get much of a look at it, though. It ran out of the hole, and disappeared under the leaves. It was so fast. All that time wasted, and we still didn’t know exactly what a mole looked like.

In the first grade we got to watch a movie once in a while in the afternoon. Sometimes we got to watch TV for class, and I remember watching Sesame Street, and The Electric Company during recess some, especially when it was rainy, or cold outside.

I remember one Easter, it was wet and nasty outside, so we hid the eggs in the classroom. We hunted until the teacher thought we had found them all. Turns out, we stopped just one egg short. Later on that summer someone found the egg behind something on a shelf. We were so excited. You would have thought we had found hidden treasure. We all knew it was rotten by then, but we had to see how bad. We took it outside, and gathered around the student who had the egg. He threw it on the ground, and before you could say Ty-Con-De-Rogga, the smell penetrated our nostrils, and the whole class erupted in a torrent of screams, and yells. Gagging, and running, and falling followed. Finally, the teacher restored order, and got us all safely back inside. What a beautiful memory. I can almost smell it now, as I think about it.

Well, that’s as far as I want to go down Memory Lane today. It’s always fun to visit those places, and savor those memories. It’s good to know that I have so many good memories to reflect on in this world of growing turmoil. I pray that, some day, when we look back at our past, there will only be good times to remember.

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