Bill, In The Woods, With The Rope

Back to my years at Gift school, and a couple of funny memories I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I told you about my friend Bill saving Mark from drowning in an old frozen pond in the woods. Well, Bill was a lot of fun to be around. I don’t know how much older he was, but he was in a higher grade than me. He was tall, and thin, and full of energy. He was always getting us chased by some older students.

I remember one day he was going to do something to a group of older boys. He knew they would chase him, so he told us to go in the restroom, and wait for him to run in. Then we would all hold the door so they couldn’t get to him. We went to the restroom, and waited. In a few minutes, we saw him running toward us as fast as his long legs could carry him. As soon as he came through the door we slammed it shut. We couldn’t get it to close all the way for some reason, so we kept pushing, and shoving. When Bill started yelling, I realized why we couldn’t get the door to close. We had shut it just a second too soon, catching his foot in the door. I’m sure it was pretty painful to him at the time, but thinking about it now is so funny, I can’t stop laughing.

Another time, we were playing in the woods, and Bill had a jump rope. He laid it on the ground across the path, between two trees. Then he covered it with leaves to camouflage it, so nobody could see it. He told us to hide behind the trees, and he would go get the older boys to chase him. He said he would lead them down the path, and as soon as he ran passed us, we should pull the rope tight, tripping whoever was chasing him. It sounded simple enough, but I guess he forgot the fiasco with the bathroom door, and we were only second graders.

We waited for a few minutes, and we heard Bill coming. He was yelling something, and for some reason, just as he reached the rope, we pulled it tight, and tripped him instead of his pursuers. He hung his foot in the rope, and went, face first, down on the ground, and rolled like a barrel. All I could see was arms and legs, and leaves flying. I’m sorry Bill, but I still laugh every time I think about it. Man, that was funny.

I’m sure all of us have bad memories we wish we could forget. I know I do, but I have so many good ones. When I’m feeling sad, I try to remember some good times in my life. When I do, I find myself traveling back to my early childhood. I have great memories of my grandmother, and my school days.

When I think about all the fun I had with family and friends, sometimes I smile, and sometimes I laugh out loud. Then, if I haven’t yet, I write them down, because I know some day those memories won’t be as easy to pull up on my old worn out computer we call a brain. I wish I could upgrade the hard drive, and memory, and even the case, but that will come later at the second coming. Then Jesus will upgrade it all for me; a new body, and a new mind, with a new source of energy and ultimate memory. I’m looking forward to that day, but until then, I have that promise, and my memories. Thanks for these two, Bill.

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