Lessons On The Journey – Part 2

Two months ago Herbert Brown and his family moved from the city of River Port, Mississippi to the quiet peaceful little town of Cedar Creek. It’s the 16th day of January and everyone is in the living room enjoying the warm fire and some hot cocoa.

Charlotte is preparing lunch for her family and Herbert is keeping the fire going. Mark, the youngest, is starring at the fire dancing in the fireplace as daddy puts more wood in.

Billy and Cindy are looking out the window hoping the snow that the weather man predicted will come soon so they may get to go out and play in it today. With joy in their eyes, they recalled all the fun they had playing in the snow the previous winter in River Port, and how they had made snow-cream, snow-angels, and built a snowman.

Suddenly, the snow began to fall and they both shout at the same time, “It’s snowing.” With excitement in his voice, Billy asked, “Mom, can we go out and play in the snow?” “Not right now,” came the reply from Mother. “It’s almost time to eat. Go wash up.”

“Can we go out after we eat?” Cindy asked, as she ran from the window. We’ll see,” Mother said. “OK,” Cindy groaned, with disappointment in her voice. Then Mark asked, “Mommy, what does WILSIE mean?” Before Charlotte could answer, Billy spoke up and said, “It means, no.” Neither Herbert, nor Charlotte could keep from laughing. “I guess it does seem like that some times, but it simply means we’ll have to wait and see what’s going on later. You may be able to, and you may not. It’s not YES and it is not NO.” I guess it means the same thing as maybe.

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This article was adapted from the book “Lessons On The Journey” by Teddy Lynn

© 2009-2016 Teddy Lynn – All Rights Reserved


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