Understanding Bible Truth

I have been reading the Bible since I was very young. I knew it was God’s book, but I didn’t really understand exactly what that meant. When I got older and learned how to properly study the Bible, it came alive to me. What I once thought was a big book of collected stories from a bunch of different writers, is actually one big book, containing one story about God and his people.

It’s not only a history book, but a book of promises for us, now, and for the future, as well an instruction book on how God wants us to live and treat each other. As we all can see, many who do not follow God’s instructions, contained in the Bible, do whatever they want, and violate every command Given by God and cause countless innocents to suffer.

The sad thing is, there are many people who claim to follow Bible teachings, but are often caught up in the same mentality as those who don’t. Part of the problem is the interpretation, or should I say, “misinterpretation” of scripture. This leads to all kinds of problems; from simple disagreements, to split families, and split congregations, to starting new denomination, and even total rebellion against God.

Everyone thinks their interpretation is right, and most will not even consider the possibility they might be wrong, even when shown from the holy word of God. Almost every denomination believes it is the only one who has the truth.

In giving Bible studies, I have studied with, and talked to many people over the years. I have studied different denominations and I have arrived at one conclusion. No denomination that I know of has all the truth. Most of them have some true doctrines, but it seems the Truth is scattered throughout the earth.

God’s true Church is not a denomination nor a certain building. The true church is made up of believers all over the world who have been born again. Those who follow God wherever he leads, and obey his Commandments. (Luke 17:21)

There’s only one Truth and it is there in God’s word for all of us to see. There are so many denominations because there are so many different interpretations of God’s word. Too often, people will develop their own views, and when they come to the bible, they look for evidence to support their beliefs. This is the wrong way to study the Bible.

Another mistake we make when studying God’s word is one that we often ignore because we don’t really think about it. When we read something, we understand it based on how we think and what we have learned. Even our understanding of word definitions color our thought process.

When reading the Bible there are several things we need in order to understand it properly. One is a desire to know the truth. The other is an understanding that there are words and phrases in the Bible that meant something different when it was written that they do now. A Strong’s Concordance will help with this. I also recommend the Free computer program called e-Sword which has the Strong’s Concordance integrated, and a ton of other helpful tools. The Bible usually interprets itself and the King James Version has a built in dictionary. As you study the better you understand.

We should always come to the Bible as little children with humble, teachable spirits and be willing to change our beliefs when they are different from God’s Truth. We should always pray and ask God to guide us in our understanding of scripture. Who better to help us understand the word of God than the One who inspired the men who wrote it. (2 Peter 1:21)

When we do this we will see the Truth more clearly. The Bible will become to us the book that God intended it to be from the beginning, and we will join the ranks of those who make up the true church scattered throughout the entire world. The ones who know the Truth and have been made free by it.

Bible Truth For The End Time

© 2015 Teddy Lynn – All Rights Reserved


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