God’s Will Or Ours?

“I’m Gonna Do What I Wanna Do!” Ever heard anyone say that? I have. Many times. I’ve probably said it myself. I remember saying something similar to that several times as a teenager. When I wasn’t allowed to do something I wanted to, I would say, “I’ll be glad when I’m 18 so I can do what I want.” I left home when I was 16 and after a few years of “doing what I wanted”, I realized what a big mess I had gotten myself into. There are always rules and guidelines we have to follow, no matter what age we are. There are man’s laws and God’s laws, and there are consequences for breaking any of them.

I recently told someone that if we don’t obey God, we won’t make it to heaven. They basically said, “I’m Gonna Do What I Wanna Do.”

That’s so sad, and it breaks my heart to see someone have that attitude, because I know where it took me and what a terrible condition I was in when I finally woke up. It’s an even worse situation these days, knowing how close we are to the end of this world. Instead of doing what WE want, we need to obey God.

We all need to have the attitude Jesus had in the garden of Gethsemane, when he was contemplating the horrible death and mistreatment he was about to endure for us. Talking to the Father he said, “Not my will, but your will be done.” (Luke 22:42)

God only wants what’s good for us, so if we would all do his will, and not whatever WE want, we would be much better off. We need to submit our will to the will of God and instead of saying, “I’m Gonna Do What I Wanna Do,” we should ask God, “What Do YOU Want Me To Do, Lord?”

If we allow God to lead us, then we are promised eternal life, and we will be filled with purpose and happiness. Who wouldn’t want that?

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