Memories Of Days Gone By

Long ago and far away, there lived a family of five. A Mom and Dad, two boys and a girl. And of course, a cat and two dogs. We can’t forget them. It seems like only yesterday but, actually it’s been quite a few years.

One day, one of our kids asked if they could do something later, and either my wife or I, said “We’ll See.” Our youngest son, who might have been three, asked the question, “What does WILSIE mean?” Our oldest son spoke up and said, “It means, No.” My wife and I had a good laugh, and once in a while that funny memory will come up, and our whole family has a good laugh.

Another time, our youngest was around six years old, I think. He had a lot of energy and he talked all the time. Even in his sleep. One day he was talking, talking, and talking. I finally asked him, “Can you not be quiet for 5 minutes? You never stop talking.” Well, that hurt his feelings and he said something like, “I’m just gonna stop talking. Nobody wants to hear me talk, I’m not saying another word as long as I live.”

Not even a minute later, just out of the blue he said, “Is Michael Jackson a woman”? That’s another memory that has brought our family laughter time and time again over the years.

A few years earlier, when our daughter was about 5, I think, she gave us another good memory to laugh about over the years. We were in the car and she was writing. She said, “Daddy, how do you spell one?” I said O.N.E. She said, “No, the other won.” I said, W.O.N. With frustration in her voice she said, “No, Wun, like you wun down the woad.”

I laugh every time I think of those times. Those were the good ole days. Our two oldest ones are grown now and our youngest is almost there. We’ve had some struggles but we’ve had a lot of good times, too. God has been so good to us. I praise him every day for all his blessings. He’s brought us a long way from that little three room shack, with no running water, where we first started out.

I hope we can always look back and remember good times. I hope we can continue to make good memories and always have new things to laugh about. Life is short, and we never know when it will end for one of us, so make good memories while you can. Some day that may be all you have left of the ones you love.

Bible Truth For The End Time

© 2015 Teddy Lynn – All Rights Reserved


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