Lessons On The Journey – Part 1

It was a day like any other day in Cedar Creek. At least, like any other day for the last several weeks. Two months ago Herbert Brown and his family moved from the big city of River-Port, Mississippi to the quiet peaceful little town of Cedar Creek, more than two hundred miles away.  

As a child, growing up in River-Port, Herbert had made the long, tiring trip to Cedar Creek, with his family every summer to visit his aunt Bonnie for a week or two. He continued the tradition well into adulthood until last year when his aunt passed away. He and his family made the trip again to see her one last time.  

To Herbert’s surprise, he was told that his aunt had left him her home and property in her will. Herbert and his wife Charlotte decided that they would like to live there, out in the beautiful country, surrounded by nature, far from the hassles of city life which they had known for so many years. So with much prayer and preparation, they sold their house in River-port and set out to make Cedar Creek, their new home.  

Now, two months after moving, they are starting to doubt whether or not they made the right decision. Well, at least Herbert is. After a long hard day, not at work, but looking for work, he walks up the steps to the door of the house he now calls home. He takes a deep breath and enters.

“Charlotte? Honey, I’m home”, he says. His wife of fourteen years enters the room and knows without even asking that the search for a new job will continue the following day.

As she walks toward him to give him a reassuring hug she says “Oh, honey. No luck?” “No, not today,” Herbert answers. Charlotte quickly says, “Don’t get discouraged, Dear. God is taking care of us. He’ll give you the right job at the right time. He’s got this.”

Herbert kisses his wife and smiles. Then he says, “You always know the right thing to say, sweetheart, and you’re right. God’s in control. Everything will be alright.”

He takes off his jacket, and as he puts it in the closet he says, “I saw Joe Kimble from church. He said he knows a guy who has been looking for a business partner. I’m supposed to meet him Monday morning. His name is Bob, uh, something or other.”

“That’s great dear. You can tell me about it over dinner. It’s almost ready,” Charlotte said. As she walks back into the kitchen her voice grows louder as she asks, “Will you call the kids? Billy’s in the backyard and Cindy is in her room. Mark is already in the dining room.”

As the brown family gathers to eat their evening meal, they pray, as always. They thank God for the food and the many other blessings he has showered upon them, and they ask him to bless others who are less fortunate than they themselves. Then they dig in.

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