If At First You Don’t Suck Seed

“If at first, you don’t suck seed, try, try again.” I remember my Grandmother saying that all the time when I was growing up. When I was young I wondered “What does sucking seed mean?” She always had a garden, so I thought it had something to do with that.

I don’t remember when it became clear, but when I was older I understood what she meant. She wasn’t saying “Suck Seed”, she was quoting the famous mantra, which most people have probably heard a thousand times. “If at first, you don’t SUCCEED, try, try again.”

I came to understand a lot of things when I was older. She was a very wise woman. She began teaching us the things we would need later on in life, even before we could understand what she was talking about. Then when the situation arose, later on, we were prepared.

I truly think that’s one of the reasons people today don’t exercise wisdom in a lot of their decisions. They haven’t been taught from early on. Then you have those children raising children of their own before they even grown, and the cycle continues.

There are a lot of smart young people in our world, but WISDOM comes with age and experience. I find myself looking at the things younger people do today and shaking my head. Many of which I did when I was younger. I know better now because of experiences I have had and things that I have gone through.

Most people don’t make bad decisions knowing they are bad decisions. Usually, we only realize bad ones later when we see the end results.

That’s why it is so important to listen to someone who has more experience than we do. Many times that’s what successful people will tell you. If you want to be successful follow successful people. Well, if you want to be wise follow wise people and there’s none wiser than the almighty God who created everything.

The principals of life that God has placed in the Bible were put there for our benefit. So we could live a long prosperous life. God created us and he knows what it takes to make us happy. Truly happy. He made us so he knows what foods our bodies need to be healthy.

Modern science is just now realizing some of God’s principles of health. There are things God said thousands of years ago that we shouldn’t eat. We know now that he knew what he was talking about. Hundreds of diseases can be prevented if we just eat like God said.

Wisdom doesn’t come to us over night. We are not born with it. It comes from years of experience. Good and bad, successes and failures. But, we can make it easier on ourselves and skip a lot of troubles and heartaches on our journey to being wise if we just read and listen and follow the instructions that God has prepared for us in his word, the Bible.

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