The Dream That Haunted Me For Thirty Years

I was eight years old when I first had the dream. I continued to have the same dream for the next thirty years. When the dream begins we are in my Aunt’s house. My Aunt, my Mother, both my Grandmothers and my two Sisters, at the time, were all in the kitchen preparing supper. My two Grandpas, who had both died years earlier, were also there in the living room watching TV with my Dad and my Uncle. They were all very focused on what they were watching, not saying a word.

I was in the living room with the men, just walking around, but they didn’t notice me at all. I sensed something was wrong, so I walked into the kitchen where the women were. They were all laughing and talking as they prepared the food. I looked at the window behind my Aunt and saw an alien looking in. I didn’t want to alarm the women so I slowly left the kitchen to tell the men, but they were all gone and the TV was off.

At that moment, I heard a noise at the door and the dead bolt started to vibrate and then it slowly slid back. The door opened and I saw a long set of gold colored stairs coming down from the sky and three aliens descending. The one in the middle was taller than the other two. When they finally reached the threshold and stepped inside, they started moving very fast. One grabbed my sister and stuck a large band-aid on her face. Another grabbed me from behind and did the same. Then, with a quick jerk, the alien pulled the band-aid off my face and everything went black. The dream always ended there.

For more than thirty years that dream haunted me. Not every night, but often. Time and time again. I always wondered why it kept returning, over and over. I was sure it meant something, but, I just could not figure it out.

Then one morning I woke up from the dream. I lay there for a few minutes, then I asked God again to show me what the dream meant and this time He did. For the first time in thirty years, it was clear. He revealed the whole thing to me all at once, like opening a door or pulling back a curtain. I just knew instantly. It was amazing. Here is what He showed me.

1) The Missing Men
The Men didn’t notice me because they never really knew me. My Grandmother had raised me and one of my sisters from the time I was three and she was two. One of my Grandpas had died before I was born and the other one when I was very young. I never saw my Dad enough to get to know him until I was much older, and my Uncle had only just married my Aunt. So there had been no men in my life.

2) The Aliens
When I was eight years old, my Mom left my Dad again and came to stay with us. By that time she had another child who was five years old. My Mother left her with us for a few days and someone reported it to DHS. So two women social workers and a male officer came and took us forcibly from our home. They were the aliens in my dream.

3) The band-aids
Putting the band-aids on us and ripping them off represented the fact that they tried to help fix our situation but ended up making things worse. We were put into foster care for a while and some bad things happened there. A lot of years have past but, we have not yet fully recovered from the whole situation. But, God is working on it; fixing one thing at a time as we allow Him to.

After He revealed these things to me, I have never had that dream again. My nightmares have gone since then, along with a lot of the fears I lived with for years. It’s amazing to see God working to heal and restore. I pray that you will trust God and ask Him to work in your life. He’ll help you with your inner struggles, whatever they may be, and He’ll put all the pieces back into the right place again.


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