Finding Treasure

We lived in Theo, Mississippi from the year I was three years old until the year I turned twelve. I had many adventures in that little community and I loved living there. We lived in four different houses during those … Continue reading

I Miss My Sister And My Friend

I was three years old, and my younger sister, Loretta and I lived with our grandmother in a little house in Theo, Mississippi. Our mother came to visit one day and introduced us to our new baby sister. Her name … Continue reading

Date With Destiny

I was Twenty years old and it was Summer. I was driving my dune buggy on the two-mile road that led to my house from the main highway. I hadn’t had my toy long but I was driving it like … Continue reading

Three Girls, Three Guys, And A Gremlin

I’ll never forget the year I turned nineteen. My cousin invited me to go to church with him, so I did. I loved that church and I loved the people. I still do. They were so kind and loving and … Continue reading

3 Friends, 3 Trees, And A Confession

I was twelve years old and I lived about a quarter of a mile from my best friend. There were three homes, a church and a patch of woods between us. There was a valley in the woods and some … Continue reading

If I Could Go Back In Time

I love science fiction. It offers endless possibilities for the mind to imagine. I love space travel, and I especially love the concept of time travel. Space travel is a little more within our grasp than time travel but it … Continue reading

The Basketball Connection

When I was in school, I loved basketball. My grandmother bought me a brand new ball to practice with at home. That’s the one I took to school and two older boys took from me and wouldn’t give it back. … Continue reading

Two Old Men, Two Old Trucks, And A Graveyard

I was probably around ten or eleven years old when I did my first odd Job. There was an old man in our neighborhood who wanted me to help him cut some firewood. Actually, he just wanted me to help … Continue reading

Uncles And Aunts, Turkeys And Peacocks

When I was a little boy we would occasionally go visit relatives who lived a long distance from us. When I say a long distance, I mean farther than we could walk in an hour. My grandmother didn’t have a … Continue reading

The Floor, The Camera, And The Sandwich

I’ve already told you about my oldest memory, well I think this is my second oldest one. I remembered playing on the living room floor with a small toy car or truck in that little house my grandma was renting … Continue reading

The Lizard, The Snake, And The Sea Dragon

More memories from my early days at Gift school have resurfaced. I remember getting up in the mornings, getting ready for school, and getting on the bus in the winter while it was still dark. My first-grade teacher’s name was … Continue reading

The Monster Outside My Window

It was early, maybe two O’clock in the morning. I was startled from sleep by a noise. It sounded like something big ran into the corner of the house outside my room. Still half asleep, I thought the worst. In … Continue reading

Stuck – Part 3

This is part three to a post from two years ago called “Stuck.” In part 1 and part 2, I shared a few experiences, from when I was younger and got stuck in some bad situations. In part 3, I … Continue reading

More Cuts And Scars

A while back, I told you about accidentally cutting myself a few times. Well, in case you were wondering, those were not the only times I have been cut. I want to share a few more today and hopefully, you … Continue reading

To All The Dogs I’ve Loved Before

I remember a song I heard in the early Eighties called “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.” It was written by Hal David and Albert Hammond. It has been recorded by several artists and bands, in several different languages, but the … Continue reading

Asleep On The Job

If you’ve been following my blog or if you’ve read my book, you know I’m not one of those Christians who pretend they’ve never done anything wrong. We all have a past, and at some point, we have all said … Continue reading

400 Miles From Home

If you’ve read my book, “The Journey To Heaven,” you know I left home when I was sixteen years old and started using alcohol and drugs and doing many of the bad things that are usually associated with that lifestyle. … Continue reading